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Thriller Halloween celebration of Halloween in Hong Kong

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Recommended reason: Ocean Park Hong Kong introduced the concept of the Halloween ten years ago, and took an interesting name for Halloween “Hello”. September 23 to October 31 this year, the Ocean Park would become one of the world’s largest Halloween show stage, more than 25 terror-themed key projects, 444 ghosts dressed in a ghostly costume brought visitors with the entertainment of the highly visual and auditory stimuli.

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This year is just the 10th anniversary of the “Halloween”. Ocean Park Halloween specially added more ” personal ghost interactive” elements. Shock index created new high. From the first year only had 39 performing staff, now developed to the 444 “spooky”, full grew by tenfold. In addition, Blue Girl Beer presented “Ghost amusement also added more interactive elements. At the same time, Ocean Park, introduction of more high-tech, including the strong effect of laser equipment and the latest global augmented reality setting make visitors has surprised any time and anywhere.

During the event, the world’s most popular stars Flurry Carnival will be held at Tai Shue Wan Plaza, host led the visitors to look for the 12 Constellation lost super “scared” superstar, then to launch an unprecedented “ghost” sound and “ghost dance.